DeviDayal Hard Anodized Contura Pressure Cooker (5L)

Made from superior quality materials which are sourced from certified vendors, this pressure cooker from Devidayal has strong built up features and high efficiency levels. Enjoy cooking with this easy to use cooker and are widely applicable in house hold purpose, restaurants, hotels and food courts. Also come along with smart chopper. This chopper easy-pull cord mechanism saves time and effort while eliminating the cost of expensive electricity.  Plus, the Chop ‘N Prep . Chef is small enough to store in the cupboard, drawer or pantry.

Rs. 5,167.00 Rs. 4,390.00

Product Description

  • Brand: Devidayal
  • Contura Pressure Cooker
  • Capacity: 5 liter
  • Hard Andonized
  • Aluminium Body